Mission and vision

Mission – To manage excellence-oriented science and research programs and projects, purposefully develop high-quality scientific expertise and strategic communication of science, as well as facilitate international scientific cooperation to promote the implementation of Latvia’s science, technology and innovation policy and promote the development of human capital in science.

Vision – To become an internationally well-known center of scientific expertise and an implementer of Latvian science policy for development of excellent research, entrepreneurship, and smart society.
  • Good governance – openness to individuals and the society, data protection, efficient, fair procedures within a reasonable time frame, respecting the interests of individuals, the involvement of society and scientists
  • Transparency – open processes in the Council, including open, fair, transparent funding
  • Reliability – creates confidence in the reliability of the Council or the service it provides and the information it provides
  • Scientificity – action, and conclusions based on facts and research
Motto: Science for a better future
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